Origins of the Ministry

Length: 1:10

This video shot ten years ago holds true to this day. In 2000 we set out to make the coolest research company on the planet. Our reports were more like coffee table books than Powerpoint. We pioneered documentary-form research. As our name implies, we wanted to be the cultural authority. Toyota gave us our big break and we haven’t looked back, with clients ranging from Coke to MTV. Originally our films came on VHS. Then it was DVD and now we send files. But we’ve always practiced the same craft: insightful storytelling.

Origins of the Ministry




DateFebruary 27, 2014

Moment 5: Coney Island

moment 5 thumb

Moment 52: Pookie-voo

BW 52

Barn On the Pond Instructions


Moment 55: Idaho

BW 55

Stefan Sagmeister

sagmeister thumb

Moment 92: The Ticket

BW 92

Moment 80: MTV Daze – January

BW 80

Moment 43: The Wedding

moment 43 thumb

Rushkoff: Ep 1

Rushkoff 1

Moment 23: Billy

BW 23

Moment 97: Shoe Baby

moment 97 thumb

Moment 11: Eve

BW 11

DAW on Style

Sock thumb

Prudent Boozer: Nelly

PB Nelly REV

Moment 36: Fiji

BW 36


Tanya REV

Moment 17: Vanessa

moment 17 thumb

Moment 41: Night Train

moment 41 thumb

Moment 9: Ski Weekend

BW 9

Prudent Boozers: The 3 Girls


Bahamavention Ad

Bahama ad NEW

Moment 1: Danny

BW 1

Moment 95: Bazaar

BW 95

Moment 69: Pineapple Pudding

moment 69 thumb

Moment 75: The No Show

BW 75

Moment 57: Mario Batali

BW 57

Moment 87: Crossing the Line

BW 87

Moment 81: MTV Daze – February

moment 81 thumb

Rushkoff: Ep 3

Rushkoff 3

Moment 3: Tokyo Video Scrapbook

BW 3

Moment 42: Adam & Trevor

BW jocks new

Prudent Boozer: Eric


Rushkoff: Ep 4

Rushkoff 4

Moment 4: Rio

4 new

Moment 94: View From the Ministry

BW 94

Moment 13: Joe Jackson

moment 13 thumb

Moment 15: Prudent Boozers VomComp


Moment 6: David Blowie

moment 6 thumb

Moment 85: Ava, Pornstar / Viagra

BW 85

Moment 82: MTV Daze – March

moment 82 thumb

Millennials React to PB

PB Intro

Barn On the Pond

botp 1

Moment 38: Street Parade

BW Macys NEW

Hornitos: Tito Sam

Hornitos 59 REV

Moment 50: The Pianist

BW 50

Moment 7: Kier


Prudent Boozer: Carla

PB carla

Max on Insighting

max insighting

Moment 54: The Doll

moment 54 thumb

Prudent Boozer: Robert

PB robert

Morgan Praises Ministry

BW Morgan

Max on Pester Power

max pester

Origins of the Ministry

ministry intro

Moment 48: Fred Noe / Jim Beam

BW 48

MoC Print Reports

print reports

Moment 28: Pyramids

BW 28

Prudent Boozer: Ana


Prudent Boozer: Marie

PB marie

Moment 98: Monk in Venice

BW 98

Moment 26: Guru Adrian

moment 26 thumb

Prudent Boozer: Yearim

PB yearim

“Connect” by Jacqui Hunt

Connect NEW

Moment 27: In The Jungle

BW 27

Getting Away

getting away thumb

Ministry Xmas Party 2008

79 NEW

Moment 24: The Park

BW 24

Max on Snacks

max insighting 2

Moment 45: Big Dog


Moment 16: Snow Bike

moment 16 thumb

Moment 25: Pedicab

BW 25

Moment 89: Malcolm McLaren on Artists

moment 89 thumb

Rushkoff: Ep 2

Rushkoff 2

The Tiki Man

tiki man thumb

Prudent Boozer: Patrick


Moment 51: Rain

BW 51

Moment 67: Santa Baby

moment 67 thumb

Hornitos: The Secret Shot

Hornitos 10 REV

Alexis Rockman

alexis thumb

Moment 61: Malcolm McLaren on Boys

BW 61

Prudent Boozer: Dylan


Hornitos: Cougar Hunt

Hornitos 65 REV

Amex: Culture Makers

amex thumb

Moment 84: Zombie

moment 84 thumb

Moment 70: Mosh Fish

BW 70

Viagra: Guys vs Men

viagra thumb


iphoneographer thumb

Moment 31: Niagara

BW 31

Reebok: Youth Ethnography

reebok thumb

Moment 71: Tony Curtis on Maturity

BW 71

Moment 2: Prudent Boozers

pb butler thumb

Moment 34: Morgan Spurlock Interviews DAW

BW 34


Screenprints thumbs

About the Ministry

REEL new

Ogilvy Interviews DAW

Ogilvy thumb

Moment 96: David Art Wales

BW 96

Moment 44: It’s a Boy!


Prudent Boozer: Enrique


Prudent Boozer: Chris

PB 9

Moment 19: Umbria


Moment 37: Leading Men

BW 37

Moment 78: New Guinea

BW 38

Moment 20: The Workout

BW 20