Moment 26: Guru Adrian

Length: 1:30

This is the sizzle reel Matt Frost and I created for the Guru Adrian animated series that never came to be. *sigh*
Fox optioned Guru Adrian in 1995 with an eye to creating the next adult/kid crossover hit for Saturday mornings, a la Peewee’s Playhouse. They shipped me to LA where I worked with writers, animators and voice actors on the development process (I still have audition tapes of Adam West and Leif Garret).
It was all a huge thrill, right up until they shelved the project and sent me packing 3 months later. Apparently the Head of Children’s Programming had been replaced and the new dude wanted “a clean slate”.
A few years later it was optioned again, this time by MTV, and I went through the same process: animation and script development, much excitement, project shelved.
In retrospect, it’s kind of amazing that it got as far as it did, given that I was pitching the show as “The Simpsons meets Scientology.”
Know anyone who greenlights animated shows?
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Moment 26: Guru Adrian




DateFebruary 21, 2014

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