Founded in 2000 in NYC, the Ministry offers services in three areas of culture: Cultural Insights, or market research with a focus on trends; Culture Creation, where we help clients contribute to the culture via creative programming and social engagement; and Company Culture, where we define and leverage a client’s mission, values and workplace practices.


David and Dani are the heart and mind of the Ministry, while our teams of ethnographers, creators, facilitators and storytellers in the US and Australia serve as the arms, legs, kidneys, lungs and um, spleen.

David Art Wales, CEO
Prime Minister

David is an observer and maker of culture. In Australia he hosted ABC TV’s Edge of the Wedge, which covered youth trends. In the US he taught Consumer Anthropology at Newark’s NJIT. In 2000, David launched the Ministry as a way to help companies connect with and contribute to global culture.

Dani Wales, COO
Minister of Fortitude

Dani sees the disparate elements of every Ministry project as a streamlined system waiting to happen. She oversees day-to-day operations, maintains our own office culture, and has guided national projects for clients like Google, MetLife, and Microsoft.