The Tick


The creator and producers of Amazon’s The Tick live action series were seeking ways to build fan engagement so they asked us to develop the fictional products on the show in the same way we work on brand identity projects with real-world clients.


In addition to developing the backstory, customs, and flag for a fictional country called Urmania, we created a brand identity for AEGIS, the show’s federal agency tasked with overseeing superheros, and a historical timeline for Brown Tingle Cola, or BTC, incorporating iterations of the product’s packaging going back 100 years to BTC’s supposed introducion. Myriad BTC props and a 30-second TV ad for the cola served as visual easter eggs throughout the series, searched for by the show’s devoted following during multiple viewings.


The Ministry’s work featured heavily in Season One of The Tick. The show was picked up for a second season and nominated for an Emmy. Just sayin’.